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- Before you apply, you must read these rules and see if you are able to respect them.

- If the Recuritment is CLOSED and you want to apply you have to talk with one of the members from Staff before and get theirs permission to apply.


#1 You must be older than 16 years.

#2 You have a microphone/headsets and you are able to understand and speak a decent English.

#3 You have Team Speak 3, Fraps/Moss installed on your PC and you are able to use them properly.

#4 You are an experienced player in COD4 and a mature person.

#5 You don't insult others players during the CW's, Public Servers, and from everywhere.

#6 You are not using Fullbright, Scripts, Fovscale and any cheats.

#7 You are not using any forbidden perks (Grenade Launcher, Last Stand, Martyrdom, RPG on people, allowed only on helicopters).

#8 You should play serious in every CW against any clan.

#9 You don't annoy and spam your mates to play CW's if they can't play, just accept it.

- If you are respecting these rules you should make an application [Here]. Just paste the Recruitment Form, fill it out and wait for our member's votes.

- While Recruitment is CLOSED the permissions for apply will be given just by Spoon, Ak, Fork or M00T.


- Contact Information:

#Real name:



#GameRanger ID:

- Game Information:


#How many hours can you be online per day?:

#Are you used to play Clan Wars?:

#Your COD4 experience (years):

#What is your ping in servers?:

#Do you play some other online games other than COD4?:

- Personal Information:

#Previous clans and reasons for leaving:

#What new things can you come with?:

#Why do you want to join our clan?:

- Additional Information: