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#1 Everyone must respect each other everywhere, anytime.
#2 If someone was caught cheating he will be kicked from the clan immediatly.
#3 Everyone must be able to use TeamSpeak 3, Fraps and Moss properly.
#4 If you are going inactive for more than two weeks let us know on forum [HERE], also if someone is inactive for more than a month without saying anything he will be kicked.
#5 Multiclanning is not allowed, any member caught playing for another clans will be kicked immediately.
#6 All members must wear the tag everywhere and anytime, our tag is uW#.


#1 Do not annoy the others to play CW, if they don't want to play at that moment is their decision.
#2 Every CW, does not matter the result must be posted [Here] and they will be posted on our Matches page.
#3 Every member must take Demo + Fraps / Moss from the start of the CW.
#4 If some one got accused for cheating he must keep his calm and continue the CW properly.
#5 If someone from enemy's team is cheating do not spam on public chat, you just have to ask for his screenshots and demo and that's all.
#6 Spaming binds during the CW is not allowed.
#7 Do not insult the others, just respect them.
#8 This clan is not using mixers.


#1 Do not spam with useless posts, remember it is a public forum.
#2 Without any type of racist or insults on forum, they will be deleted immediately.