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 uW now wont paly cw againts EK

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PostSubject: uW now wont paly cw againts EK   Tue Nov 24, 2015 11:23 am

This post is varified by MOOT.

We announce uW# hast decided not  play any cw vs Ek, using the same reasons as dzp as they said and i quote:
Dzp wrote:
Due to current events it has come to light that EK| have at least 3-4 hackers within their team.

EK| Wingle 

EK| Illuminaughty (even confessed to using aim assist)

EK| CazaNova

are for sure hackers that they have recently recruited or have been there for some time. With the bust movies that have been posted on FB COD4 group the evidence is there but the owners and founders (they see founder and owner as a rank you can be promoted to easily) are refusing to act and saying they are clean so will keep them.

As you are all most likely aware there are a few clans including |dZp| that are striving to try and make GR a better place by kicking these hackers and not recruiting them back ito any of the other clans supporting the new system. In my mind protecting these hackers is only making the situation worse and this hackers will know that if they join EK| they will find refugee where they may hack and not face a ban or being kicked.

Therefore until EK| clan clean their team of this plague |dZp| will play no further CW's against them at all. We like a clean and fair fight and i hope you will all help the people trying to make GR a better place by not playing CW's under the |dZp| tag against them.


|dZp| staff

"To me, COD 4 is like a ballet, except there's no music,choreography and the dancers Kill each other." Mad
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uW now wont paly cw againts EK
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